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Factory Insite works with shop floor data collection managers and employees who are frustrated over the lack of efficiency in their manufacturing process. We can help strengthen employee morale and increase productivity by providing clear instruction in just 7 seconds!

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Increase Your Business Agility via Real-Time Factory Floor Information

At Factory Insite, Inc. we develop factory floor systems that are flexible and expandable to give you business agility. We do this by using an architecture that allows us to link to other systems and to grow the capabilities as business needs change.

At a major automotive parts supplier, we implemented the factoryInsite Product Tracking system to interface with their materials handling and testing system. This system tracks serialized parts and directs the automated testing. The demand for this product grew and required additional testing lines. Because of this business change the customer needed the flexibility of moving parts between lines. We changed the system to expand its view and share information with other copies of itself throughout the plant. This gave our customer the business agility to deliver their product.

This is one example of how a system developed around a flexible real-time data collection architecture can allow you business agility now and in the future. If you need a partner who can assist you in preparing for coming business challenges, contact Factory Insite.

"Tailoring Solutions For Your Competitive Advantage"

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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