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Calibration Results Tracking Summary

The Calibration Results Tracking application ensures all measuring or calibration devices give correct readings. It tracks the calibration of measuring devices in order to ensure their accuracy.

Calibration Results Tracking Benefits

  • Can handle any measurement device (gauges, automated test equipment, CMM, etc.) calibration runs.
  • Historical database of calibrations can predict early failures of measuring device.
  • Measuring standards history is also tracked to record replacement requirements.
  • Supports measuring of sets of calibration standards, which allows immunity from individual standard failure.
  • Ensures production/test equipment is within required specifications.

Calibration Results Tracking Function and Use

A calibration standard is a part or device whose test readings are stable. Standards are assigned to control sets and their audited value is recorded when a set is established. Periodically the control sets are measured with the production measuring equipment and the results are compared against previous measurements from the same equipment and the audited value. Calibration tracking receives these measurements either from the automated product tracking system or manual entry.

Calibration Results Tracking Features

Control sets contain standards that are identified by tracking number, production part number, serial number, audited readings, audit date and audit equipment identification. Each set has control limits for the mean values and the standard deviation.

Readings for a control set are compared against that set's control limits to indicate pass or fail for a run. Calibration readings are identified by the date and shift, the control set, and an identification of the production measuring equipment.

Individual calibration measurements can be tagged with an action code to explain a particular circumstance of the measurement. Each test run must be reviewed before it is stored in the historical database.

Historical reports showing measurements by date and shift are available to indicate whether the production measurement equipment is drifting.

If the production measurement equipment is appropriately configured, the operators running the control set can review and accept the run from the measurement equipment control panel.

Calibration Results Tracking Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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