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Factory Insite works with shop floor data collection managers and employees who are frustrated over the lack of efficiency in their manufacturing process. We can help strengthen employee morale and increase productivity by providing clear instruction in just 7 seconds!

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Customers Say

Information presented in a useful format

Factory Insite "... did an outstanding job of assisting us to identify what information would be valuable, and presenting it in a useful format." - Steve Lampen, Engineering Manager, GM

Execution improvements for shipping on time

"While the list below (see list of monetary savings) hits on the numerous improvements that were in fact brought about at Flowserve I would have to say the single biggest performance increase came from having timely and accurate information in our capacity management systems. This allowed execution improvements that ultimately improved our ability to ship on time to customers." - Greg Martin, Plant Manager, Flowserve Corporation

Utilize information to compete

"I can definitely see how the information that your software collects can be extremely valuable to companies. It can help efficiencies at many different levels. ... There are many companies that could utilize this information to compete in today's market." Jason Spaulding, Business Services Manager, Lakeshore Advantage

Time Savings

The Factory Insite system "has allowed me ... an added component to my web search engine which is used daily by plant-wide personnel, saving a lot of time." - Tony Nguyen, Engineer, Delphi Energy and Engine Management Systems

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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