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Voice Warning Summary

The Voice Warning application provides distinctive spoken warnings for worker safety. Signals from machinery are translated to spoken messages and directed to the appropriate location in the shop.

Voice Warning Benefits

  • Safety of workers is enhanced by receiving multiple warnings, both visual and audio.
  • Tracks and records warnings announced to provide a record for liability issues.

Voice Warning Function and Use

Voice warning utilizes the spoken word to apprise people in the plant of status changes or alarm conditions. In a shop where lights and buzzers are everywhere, a vocal message can give the safety edge that is needed. Indications are sent via a simple serial interface that can originate with PLCs or control computers. Messages can be any printed phrase and voices or inflections can be specified and easily changed.

Voice Warning Features

Signals are identified by their source, signal priority, message to speak, and paging zone. The signal priority ensures that emergency messages are delivered before normal status changes. Each message consists of a type of voice (male/female, adult/child, high/low, etc.) and typed message text.

Message voice and text can be easily modified and may be tested before utilizing in the shop. Frequent changes will keep shop personnel from getting used to a particular message.

Spoken messages can be directed to any telephone device that accepts DTMF codes to control paging. This includes most existing PBX and paging systems.

Positive confirmation is returned to the material handling equipment or machine control that a voice warning was completed. All messages are recorded by date and time in a history log file for future reference.

Signals from equipment can be extracted with times and dates for analysis by plant maintenance personnel. This can be used to calculate running time for preventative maintenance or time between failures.

Voice Warning Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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